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Chicken Un-Fried Rice-1-6Here’s my dilemma. I love fried rice but I don’t love those pesky calories. So I came up with a solution and created a Chicken Un-Fried Rice that has all the flavors and not the calories! I did this by reducing the oil content and skipped the frying all together. I focused more on getting flavor from the seasonings and boy is this un-fried rice amazing!Chicken Un-Fried Rice-1-8 It was definitely a hit and we certainly didn’t miss the fried element. I don’t want you mislead you into thinking that this is a diet meal, it is not but you certainly won’t feel as guilty as eating the real thing! I used a combination of chicken and lap cheong (chinese sausage); the lap cheong is an extremely important flavor component in this dish and I would not recommend eliminating it.Chicken Un-Fried Rice-1-5