I was fortunate to be invited along on another Seoul of the South Tour which featured 3 all new restaurants and 1 of my favorites from the last food tour.  You can read all about the first food tour by clicking here.  I was excited to have another taste of what Korea has to offer in the city of Duluth.  Known as K-Town, Duluth’s large population of Koreans has impacted it’s food scene; come along with me as I share my experience.  Thank you to Explore Gwinnett for the invitation and allowing me to explore all that Gwinnett has to offer.

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2550 Pleasant Hill Rd #111

Duluth, GA 30097

I visited The Stone Grill on the last tour and was excited to be back.  We dined on Korean steamed egg casserole, dumpling, spicy baby back ribs with cheese, marinated beef and pork as well as a combination BBQ set which included pork belly, shrimp and various cuts of pork and beef.  Pickled daikon radish, various kimichi, macaroni salad, peanuts and other toppings were place in small dishes to accompany the meats.

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Stop 2:  HONEY PIG

3473 Old Norcross Rd. #304

Duluth, GA 30096

Honey Pig has an old world feel which features a mix BBQ grilled on a Korean cast iron lid that’s conveniently positioned in the middle of your table.  We dined on squid, marinated chicken, pork belly, mushroom, kimchi and other cuts of meat grilled right in front of us.  The best part was the fried rice that the server makes at the end which is made on the same grill so it soaks up the flavors from all the meats and vegetables that had been grilled before; it was a real treat.

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1291 Old Peachtree Rd. NW #204

Suwanee, GA 30024

We headed here to try Korean style pizza and KFC which is Korean Fried Chicken.  We dined on bulgogi and sweet potato pizza which was different but good.  Fried Chicken is a big deal in Korea and it was evident by the variety of ways in which it was prepared. 

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Stop 4:  ARTE 3

1291 Old Peachtree Rd. NW #300

Suwanee, GA 30024

Arte 3 is a Korean bakery which offers a variety of Korean beverages and desserts.  We tried Yuja-cha(Korean citron tea) which was absolutely refreshing and a unlike anything I’ve had before.  The Korean Iced Coffee was absolutely delicious and was hard to believe that it was instant.  Along with the beverages we had fish shaped bread with a sweet red bean filling, Korean shave iced with fresh fruit and freshly made waffle with caramel and chocolate sauce topped with fresh fruit and whipped cream.  If you love desserts that are not too heavy or sweet you would absolutely love what Arte 3 has to offer.