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Coconut Pasta (1 of 1)-3Some meals are born out of simply working with the ingredients on hand and this coconut pasta was no different.   A few weeks ago I shared this beautiful plate of coconut pasta on my Instagram (Jehancancook) and was asked to share the recipe, it took me a little longer than I had hoped but here it is.   It was one of those days where I had a little of this and a little of that and being inspired by the well known rasta pasta; I stepped into the kitchen, running on little time and created something tasty.   I love the simplicity of this dish and its great on its own or you can add any type of meat, fish or shellfish.   I’ve made this is spaghetti and linguini but any shape pasta would work just as well.  Coconut Pasta (1 of 1)-9Coconut Pasta (1 of 1)-7

This delicate Coconut Pasta is ready in 15 minutes. This Coconut Pasta can easily be vegan or vegetarian or add chicken or shrimp!