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When my husband asked for Chicken Foot Soup he was very specific – he wanted his mother’s soup.  I wasn’t offended, I’m a good cook but I know the connection between food and memories and nothing can compete with that.  He clearly had fond memories of his mom’s soup so I called her up and asked how she made her chicken foot soup.   I was glad that I decided to call her rather than make it on my own because my soup would have been a bit different and he would have been disappointed.   She gave me clear instructions and I followed them, it’s safe to say this is her chicken foot soup recipe and not my own.  This chicken foot soup is a Jamaican version and is full of goodness.  There’s chayote, pumpkin, potatoes and a savory chicken noodle soup; lots of garlic, thyme and pepper gives it a clearly Caribbean flavor and Jamaican spinners (firm dumplings) are the icing on the cake.  I’m not a huge chicken foot fan and I enjoyed this soup!