It’s garden update time!  If you recall I started a container garden back in April – well I planted the seeds in April but didn’t put them in the ground until mid May.  I started a bit late because I knew I was going to be gone for 10 days because I was headed to Israel with Reality Taste( check it out on my Instagram highlights) and I didn’t want to my husband to have the responsibility of watering my plants.  And by responsibility I mean I didn’t trust that he would remember so I waited and started my seedlings when I got back.    They grew fairy quickly and by mid May they were ready to be transplanted.  They did exceptionally well in May and June because we had rain almost daily.  It’s the middle of July and when I say it’s scorching hot, I mean it is blazing hot and my poor plants are beginning to suffer.

I’ve made a few rookie mistakes which I expected since – well I’m a rookie gardener.   I planted some plants too close to each other and some couldn’t handle the amount of sunshine and ultimately had to be pulled.  I’ve had to say goodbye to my spinach because it was simply too hot for them, next year I will start way earlier with those.  I lost 1 squash plant to what I believe is a squash borer.  I had to move my pepper plants forward because the tomato plants were growing out of control and blocking them completely.

Now that I’ve gotten the bad news out of the way, here’s the good news!  So far I’ve grown a bunch of green and purple beans, 2 yellow squash, 1 million tomatoes and lettuces.  No kidding you guys, my tomato plants have exploded!   My zucchini plant is growing several baby zucchinis and my cucumber plant is thriving and flowering so I’m hoping to see baby cukes soon! 

It however has gone rogue and jumped from its container bed over to the bed with the tomatoes and is growing up the cages.  It’s looking like a mini jungle back there with way more bugs than I could have imagined or want but I love it!!   So far I’m happy with the grown!  Oh and my marigolds have finally bloomed!  Hopefully by the next update I will have grown peppers, cucumber and carrots.   See ya!