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Slow cooker Oxtails is the perfect comfort meal that’s super easy to make and fall off the bone good.

I must admit that I don’t pull out my slow cooker nearly as much as I would like to.  I’ve had this slow cooker oxtails recipe for months with the intention of sharing it because it is so good.  Oxtail, which is the tail of the cow, is a tough fatty piece of meat and takes quite some time to cook.  While the name may not be the most appealing oxtails which are popular in Southern and Caribbean cooking, makes the best stews.

I’ve shared my Jamaican Style Oxtail Stew in the past and for that recipe I cook it on the stove top for a few hours.  When I’m in a rush and downright impatient, I throw it in my pressure cooker (or Instant Pot) and it’s done in less than an hour.  However you choose to cook oxtails be sure that the end result is tender and falling off the bone.

Good fortune fell upon me recently when my brother sent me a couple pounds of oxtails from the Midwest where it’s dirt cheap.  He buys it for $1.99 a pound versus the $7.99 a pound here in Atlanta.  I knew right away that I had to make slow cooker oxtails and that I had to share it on my blog.   I dug out my slow cooker from the pits of my pantry and got started on my first Fall slow cooker meal.

One of the most important steps to cooking good oxtails is to trim the excess fat.  Oxtails are fatty so it’s important to cut off as much of the fat as you can.  I like to brown my oxtails on the stove before adding it to the slow cooker as it adds another depth of flavor.  Since I’m browning the oxtails, I only seasoned it with salt and black pepper and lightly coated it in flour.  Once the oxtails are browned, I toss all the ingredients in the slow cooker and cook it on high for 8 hours.  In the morning, I’m greeted with the most amazing aromas and the best part is lunch is done!   After 8 hours of slow cooking the oxtails, the meat is falling of the bone tender and full of flavor.

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