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Coconut Buns is a favorite of mine, I love that it’s not too sweet and you can whip it up in a matter of minutes.  I’ve previously shared a recipe for coconut buns on my blog here and now I’m sharing a video on my YouTube channel.   In case you don’t follow me on Instagram where I shared that I will be making video for all my recipes!  The goal is to add 2 new videos on YouTube weekly.  Now you will have a step by step comprehensive video to go along with my recipes!  Be sure to head on over to my YouTube Channel and subscribe so that you won’t miss a thing.

Now back to my coconut buns – these are great as a dessert or even breakfast with tea since they aren’t very sugary.  I used coconut flakes to make these coconut buns because it can be challenging to find a coconut that isn’t rotten at the grocery store.  While freshly grated coconut has bold flavor the pre shredded coconut works just as well.  If using store bought coconut flakes be sure to look for the flakes that are soft and fluffy.  Another tip is to give it a blitz in a food processor to make the flakes smaller so that it distributes more evenly throughout.