We are now officially in October!   Can you believe that Christmas is less than three months away?  Where did the time go?  This time is a busy time of year with three holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and three birthdays in my house – mine and my 2 sons’.  It is a busy as it can get and I love it!  I will be hosting Christmas this year so the pressure is on!

One this about this time of year is the amount of time I spend in the kitchen.  Blog work is at an all time high and the pressure to put out new recipe and videos for you guys makes it a crazy time for me.  It seems that you guys have been in the kitchen as well and cooking up a storm!  Here are the most popular recipes from the last 30 days.



JUICY BAKED PORK CHOPS:  This recipe is so amazing and easy!  It’s the best way to make pork chops and you guys are loving it!  It’s the only recipe that’s more popular than roti! Here’s a video on my YouTube channel for it as well.

ROTIComing in shockingly second is roti!  Roti has been my number one recipe on my blog and most view video on my YouTube channel because it’s on of those foods that everyone loves to eat and not many people have mastered!

BAKE :  Fried Bakes are a favorite in Guyana and the Caribbean so this comes as no surprise!  This recipe is perfect and I’ve made it countless times over the years and still love it and never change a thing! Bakes can be enjoyed with corned beef or saltfish.

GUINNESS PUNCH:  This is the most popular drink on my blog! It seems you guys like it boozy!!

CRISPY FRIED CHICKEN WINGS WITH HOT HONEY SAUCE You guys are loving this recipe that I shared a few weeks back.  If you love crispy fried chicken, this post has a secret recipe to the most crispy fried chicken!!  Head on over and see what it is!

CARIBBEAN RUM CAKEThis classic Caribbean cake is soaked in a rum butter sauce so it’s no wonder it’s popular!  The holidays are coming up and this is the perfect cake for entertaining.

CHICKEN FOOT SOUP: You guys are loving this soup!  It’s packed full of flavors with pumpkin, chayote, potatoes and chicken foot!

BEEF PATTY:  This classic Guyanese pastry is rounding out the top posts!  Pastries are always a favorite on my blog and this beef patty is the best!  The pastry is nice and crispy while the filling is moist.