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ButterflapI’ve shared a few homemade bread recipes on my blog over the years like my very popular Sweet Bread Rolls and Plait Bread so it’s no surprise that I love bread – more so homemade bread and I sure do love Butterflap.  It all stems from growing up in a Guyanese household where we always had fresh baked bread available.  Sometimes my mom would bake bread but she’s was a working woman, a teacher to be exact, so she didn’t always have time to whip up a batch of bread.  Other times we would just buy from a nearby bakery and the bakeries sold the same bread you would make at home, no preservatives no funny ingredients.


At Christmas it’s traditional to have loaves and loaves of homemade bread because we would eat it with Pepperpot from Christmas all the way to New Year’s Day.  Fast forward to today and I still love good homemade bread.  While I don’t make it often enough, whenever I do it never lasts!  Butterflap is one of my favorites along with tennis rolls and I recently decided to make my own.  Butterflap isn’t a complicated recipe but there are a few tricks to successfully making this.


Butterflap is made with white bread that is folded with layers of butter in between.  When the bread bakes, the butter melts and creates the softest, most buttery bread there ever was!  I like it on its own, fresh out of the oven but a slice of aged cheddar is great tucked right in between the layers.   Did you know that Jamaica has their version of Butterflap called cocobread?  It’s a bit denser that Guyanese butterflap and it’s great with a hot beef patty!


I made this recipe a couple of times when testing and here’s what I found worked best:

  • Use softened butter versus melted butter between the layers. You can use more butter when it’s softened and the melted butter runs out from between the layers whereas the softened butter melts during the cooking and seeps into the dough.
  • After folding, press along the edges with your finger to form a seal. The seam will open up during the rising process but prevents the Butterflaps from opening all the way out when in the oven.
  • Brush with melted butter after it’s done baking. This adds not only a nice glossy finish but also even more buttery flavor.