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My mom came to visit for the holidays and while she was here she made the BEST Metemgee!  I filmed her making it as well as fresh Coconut Milk which I shared on my channel earlier in the week.  Metemgee or metem is essential a dish made of ground provisions (root vegetables) such as cassava, eddoes and white sweet potatoes as well as plantains and cooked in seasoned coconut milk.  It is all cooked in a savory broth of coconut milk and spices until tender.

This dish is similar to oildown from other Caribbean islands such as Grenada and Trinidad.  This is a stick to your ribs kind of meal. The broth which is best made with homemade coconut milk, is flavored with some sort of salted meat like salt beef, pigtail or saltfish like I’ve done this time.

Metem is also has duff – a light and airy type of dumpling that is my absolute favorite part of the dish.  Metemgee is the perfect dish for cold weather because it’s like a big hearty warm hug; it’s quite filling so a nap will be required after a bowl!  I’ve shared this recipe on the blog before but thought it needed an update as well as a video!  Head on over to Youtube for this video and more and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.  Now on to the recipe!