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Steamed Snapper

My husband has been requesting more healthy meals lately and I’ve been doing my best to accommodate him.  I picked up a few pounds of whole snapper from the grocery store recently and decided to make Whole Steamed Snapper for him.  This is a very simple dish and is also pretty common in Guyana and the Caribbean.

Steamed Snapper

This dish is also very versatile; you can add your favorite vegetables instead of what I used.  Steamed snapper can be made with other vegetables like potatoes, pumpkin and chayote.  I chose a combination that we love.   It’s such a light and tasty dish and a great way to enjoy the natural flavors of the fish.  I used snapper but you can also use porgy like I did in this recipe.   I served this with oven roasted breadfruit for us and with my 5 Ingredient Yellow Rice for the kids and it was a hit!