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Baked Chicken Alfredo Pasta Some dishes are comfort foods and Baked Chicken Alfredo is the ultimate comfort food.  It’s warm, gooey, stick to your ribs good.   It’s a fairly simple recipe that uses a modified homemade Alfredo sauce.  Once you make your own Alfredo sauce you will never buy it again!  Not only does it taste better but its super easy to make!Baked Chicken Alfredo is the perfect one dish meal because it also has thinly sliced seasoned chicken breast baked right in.  This doesn’t last long at all in our house!  It’s a hit with the kids and with the adults. 

The perfect pasta for this dish is any short pasta like penne or rigatoni; these work well because the sauce gets into the nooks and in the middle as well.  For the sauce a combination of milk and cream was used, if  making the traditional alfredo sauce it requires heavy cream.  A classic Alfredo sauce doesn’t have flour but flour is a binder since it is being baked and this helps it hold together. 

Baked Chicken Alfredo Pasta