roti51Roti is a type of Indian flatbread that comes in many different types and flavors.  .This is usually served with stews such as curry or baigan choka.  Its very popular in India and parts of the Caribbean.  In Guyana it is very popular as a breakfast item.  Today I’m sharing my mom’s recipe for  paratha roti.  I will attempt to demystify this simple but complex dish.  My mom makes the best Roti so when I decided to make this, I called her up in the middle of her lesson at school.  I knew that her recipe would come out perfect as always.   I gobbled this up today with baigan choka, this combination is a favorite of mine.

Paratha Roti

1 cup self rising flour

2 cups all purpose flour

1 1/4 cup water

1/4 tsp salt

3/4 cup oil

1/4 cup shortening

Yields: 6 roti

Mix flours, salt and water to form a soft dough.  Knead until smooth and let sit for 15 mins.  Roll dough into a rectangular shape about 1/8 inch in thickness.  Place oil and shortening together in a bowl.  Spread oil and shortening mixture liberally over the dough, making sure entire surface of dough is oiled.  Starting from the longer end, roll dough tightly( similar to the way roll the dough when making cinnamon rolls).  Slice into six pieces.  Tuck the loose end of dough in the top of each roll. so it doesn’t open up and let sit for at least half hour.


Traditionally this is cooked on a tawa but for those who do not have one can use a wide frying pan or crepe pan.  Place tawa on a medium fire.  While the pan heats up roll out the dough to a flat, thin circle.  Place dough on an ungreased pan and cook for 1 minute, then flip.  Liberally brush the oil mixture on the roti.  Flip.  Now brush the other side of the roti with the oil mixture and flip again.  Cook for an additonal minute, then take off the fire and place in a covered bowl.  Shake in covered bowl vigoruously.  This will make the roti fluffy and should reveal the layers.  Continue this process until all the roti is cooked.  Enjoy this with curry, baigan choka or just by itself.