Its funny how something as simple as a warm day inspires you.  Last weekend as a send off to winter we had two beautiful 70 degrees days here in Atlanta.  Immediately it reminded me of my one pot herb garden that I’ve been longing for.   I decided it was time to check that off my list, so I got dressed and drove the the local Home Depot.  Needless to say everyone was just as inspired as I was because there was quite a crowd of people, just like myself, shuffling through the aisles looking for plants and soil.

Wasting no time, because I had intended on doing more than just planting a garden on this gem of a day, I quickly located everything I needed to bring my wish into fruition.  I scoop up a large terracotta pot, a bag of soil, a nifty watering can and some herbs and seeds.   I went home and went straight to business.   With the help of a cake spatula (I forgot to buy any gardening tools) I planted my garden, I even planted some seeds.  I’ve planted rosemary, thyme, basil, chives and scallion.  The plants that I chose were based on which herbs I use the most and also Home Depot didn’t have a wide selection either, so I had to make do.  But I am very please with the results and hope to be using many fresh herbs this spring and summer.  Introducing….My Garden!