I’ve been baking a lot lately.   I decided to try to make some Christmas macarons.   I’ve attempted this cookie in the past but didn’t like the outcome but always knew I would have a second go at it.  For those unfamiliar with the macaron, it’s a french cookie that’s made of ground almonds and egg whites that’s very delicate.  It’s usually sandwiched with some type of filling like buttercream or ganache.  The outside is crispy but when you bite into it u find that its soft and chewy on the inside, it’s a pretty tasty cookie.

I research quite a bit before I started.   I weighed all my ingredients and had everything ready so that once I started, I wouldn’t have to stop and look for anything.   I followed the instructions, I allow my shells to dry before baking and payed close attention.   Despite all the care, all but 5 macarons cracked.

Baked at the same time, one pan is perfect, the others…while tasty didn’t have that chewy texture and was not quite as pretty.   Oh well maybe third time will be a charm.   I made a quick buttercream with to sandwich the good macarons…the rest I will eat as is.   Though I like the cookie, I will lessen the amount of sugar next time around because it was a bit too sweet for me.   I used Bakerella’s recipe…I don’t blame the recipe, I suspect that I needed to rotate my pans and lessen the baking time.  Until next time.