Need to ship a barrel to Guyana?

I love sharing with my readers and in the past have shared some of my secrets to finding Caribbean ingredients in my Survival Guide for the Caribbean Cook.   In this post I will the only Guyanese grocery store that I know of and frequent in Atlanta: Georgetown Food Market.   Located in Decatur, this quaint grocery store is well stocked with lots of essential products from Guyana and the Caribbean.    Though small in size, it carries an impressive variety; from chowmein to cow foot, this is almost a one stop shop.

I first discovered this store 6 years ago and have been a regular customer ever since.


Looking for curry powder?  There are quite a few brands to choose from.  Or maybe salted beef for your soup…you can find that here also.    When I lost my marble and decided to make white pudding, my biggest issue was finding runners but lo and behold, they not only had runner but *gasp* blood!  Yeah, this store has just about all you will need…don’t believe me?  Look:

Solo anyone?

Smoked and Salted Fish

Jerk anyone?

Need 55 lbs of sugar?



Ram Goat and Cock Soup anyone…

A variety of Pepper Sauce

You can even find Aji…if that’s your thing.

Have I convinced you?  If so…head on down to Decatur and while you’re there pick up a pack of tamarind balls or pine tarts.   And if you’re not feeling too well, grab a bottle of mentholated spirits…yeah, they carry that too.

Georgetown Food Market

4055 Covington Highway

Decatur, Ga 30032