A refreshing punch made with tropical fruit juices.

Tropical Punch-1-6I call this punch Taste of Tropic punch since it’s made with a bit of tropical fruit juices. I accidentally stumbled on this particular recipe as I was just mixing together what I had in my fridge and it was so good that I had to share. I’ve made this punch a few times since and I’ve used different brands pineapple sodas; I’ve found that the D&G brand is the best as it is the sweetest. If you cannot find that brand you may have to reduce the amount of lime juice. I didn’t because a bit of sour doesn’t bother me. D&G pineapple soda can easily be found in the supermarket in the international section.  This is a very refreshing summer drink and would be a great party punch!   Add a bit of white rum to make it an adult beverage!Tropical Punch-1-8

Taste of Tropics Punch

4 cups passion fruit juice
2 cups orange juice
1/3 cup lime juice
3 cups pineapple soda
Place all ingredients in a large pitcher and mix to combine. Chill before serving over ice.

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