Ice Cream Cake-1-5 (2) My name is Jehan and I’m an ice cream addict. I recently bought an ice cream maker and would make ice cream every single weekend. Then things settled down around here and I got over hand crafting my own ice cream because let’s face it, as much as I love the end result it’s just easier to grab a container from the store. While I do a lot of things from scratch, I also believe that store bought products are here to make out lives easier. Ice Cream Cake-1-9When entertaining I take a few shortcuts to save on time, but always make sure to add that homemade touch. I’ve been wanting to make an ice cream cake for the longest and decided to give it a go this weekend. It was so easy and yes, everyone was impressed that I made it from scratch. One point for me! Don’t you just love when they think you’ve spent all day in the kitchen but haven’t? I certainly do!
Initially I was going to make ice cream cupcakes but I remembered I was trying to save time and opted to make the cake instead.Ice Cream Cake-1-5 I had a pint of Breyers® BLASTS!® waffle cone ice cream(seriously good) and Sara Lee® all butter pound cake that I picked up at Publix. Yes, I could have baked my own cake, but I just didn’t want to turn on the oven and Sara Lee® cakes, which are great on its own also saves time; I did whip up a fresh whipped cream to frost the outside of the cake (homemade touch). Ice Cream Cake-1-8I picked a combination that I love, but this cake is easily customizable, just use whichever ice cream flavor and cake that you love! I used the all butter pound cake which was a nice complement to the ice cream, which had pieces of chocolate covered waffle cone, chocolate and swirls of caramel throughout. This cake was amazing! What’s better than cake and ice cream??  What’s your favorite ice cream cake? Which cake and ice cream combination would you use?Ice Cream Cake-1-3 (2)
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  • 1-48 oz container of Breyers® BLASTS!® Waffle Cone Ice Cream
  • 1- Sara Lee® All Butter Pound Cake
  • 1 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 3 tbsp confectioners’ sugar
  • Cocoa powder and maraschino cherries to garnish


  • Line a 8.5 x 4.5 inch loaf pan with foil or cling wrap, allow it to overlap the ends; this will make it easy to life the cake out of the pan. Use a knife to remove all crusts; this is optional but I liked the way the finished product looks. Slice cake length wise in 2 even layers. Allow the ice cream soften until it’s easy to spread. Spread 1/3 of the ice cream in the pan and smooth to form an even layer. Add one slice of cake on top of ice cream. Add another layer of ice cream on top, then another layer of cake. Top with remaining ice cream, the cover and place in the freezer for at least 4 hours.
  • Whisk cold whipping cream with sugar in a large bowl to form stiff peaks. Be careful not to over whip or it will turn to butter. Remove the cake from the freezer and invert on a freezer safe surface. I used a rubber cutting board. Frost the outside of the cake using the whipped cream then place in the fridge for at least an hour until it’s frozen. I would suggest doing this a day ahead and allowing it to freeze overnight. When ready to serve, let the cake stand at room temperature for about 5 minutes so it can soften. Sprinkle with cocoa powder and garnish with cherries before serving!
Author: Jehan Powell

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group®, Sara Lee®, and Breyers® but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #EasySimpleSweet