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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending an outdoor movie in the park with my family and it was so much fun that I decided to recreate that night by throwing a backyard movie night. I set up in my friend’s backyard and set a nice warm spot for Nolan and his best bud Avery to camp out on when they weren’t busy playing.Popcorn-1-11 We had all the essentials for an outdoor movie night; a soft blanket to sit on, fluffy pillows, throws to keep warm and snacks!Popcorn-1 One thing I’ve learned with children is to keep it simple! I kept the snacks as simple as possible and served popcorn, fresh fruit and juice.Popcorn-1-10 I popped a couple bags of Orville Redenbacher’s Movie Theater Butter Popcorn because I love how convenient it is to pop a bag into the microwave and have fresh popcorn in a matter of minutes and it’s light and fluffy. I put some of the popcorn in these nifty popcorn containers so each child can have their own popcorn. Popcorn-1-9Orville Redenbacher’s is also available in a convenient pop up bowl; the bag that the kernels come in doubles as a bowl, which is super convenient and clean up is easy! With the projector up and a large canvas as a screen, we finished off our evening with a good movie and even better snacks!Popcorn-1-4

Here are some tips for a fun and breezy backyard movie night:

• Keep it simple; don’t become overwhelmed with too many details
• Provide lots of warm blankets and throws to stay warm when the night becomes chilly
• Add lots of pillows so that you can lie down and still be able to see the movie
• Have a variety of snacks that are both salty and sweet
• Keep bug spray handy as the bugs tend to come out at night
• Use a large canvas, white sheet or drop cloth as your movie screen

Have you ever done a backyard movie night?

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