Jerk Ribs (1 of 1)-24 I just returned from Guyana and I’m suffering from withdrawals and have been craving the fresh food and drinks that I had while I was there.  I was walking in the farmers market recently when the most intoxicating smell drew my attention; I had no choice but to follow my nose and it led me to a pile of guavas.Jerk Ribs (1 of 1)-6Jerk Ribs (1 of 1)-15  I scooped up a pound of guavas with the intention of making guava cheese and sharing the recipe on the blog but decided to make a refreshing drink instead.  I was with family while in Guyana and my Aunt made sure that my tummy was always full.  Jerk Ribs (1 of 1)-19She made the most refreshing mango and five finger(starfruit) drink that was just lightly sweetened; making homemade fruit drinks is very common in Guyana and I’ve shared a few recipes in the past like green mango drink, guava thyme lemonade, tamarind cooler, watermelon cucumber cooler, mango limeade and pineapple-ade.  I used the guava and a couple of mangoes to make an amazing agua fresca, it’s light, refreshing and it’s what you need to make this summer.Jerk Ribs (1 of 1)-25Jerk Ribs (1 of 1)-26

Guava Mango Agua Fresca

½ lb guava

2 cups mango

Simple syrup*

Blend mango and guava with 3-4 cups water.  Use a fine strainer and strain into a large pitcher.  Add simple sprup and 8 cups of water.  Stir and chill before serving.

*To make the simple syrup heat 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar until the sugar has melted.  Cool before using.