Brunch is a big deal in Atlanta and most restaurants have a brunch menu or some sort of breakfast item on the menu.  It’s not uncommon to be greeted with a wait on Saturday and Sunday afternoons as the brunch crowd flock to the restaurants for a bite. I love brunch but I’m not big on breakfast foods – I know, weird.  What I do love are the creative dishes and a great cocktail, I also love the easy vibe that comes with brunch. 20160515_132808-1_resized  I recently popped into Illegal Food with my son to meet Milla of Happily Eating.  Illegal Food is located in Virginia Highlands and is known for its insane burgers and fries. There aren’t many places that serve a pile of hand cut fries topped with Japanese mayo, okonomiyaki sauce, fermented chili sauce, bonito flakes and shredded nori.  Illegal Food thinks outside the box so I was excited to see what they had to offer.Illegal Food (1 of 1)-2

The brunch menu was small but I soon learned that it was mighty.  I started with the bloody mary which came with a medley of pickled vegetables and a whole damn crawfish.  Not only was it eye-popping and as good a bloody mary can be but it was well seasoned and just a bit spicy.  Illegal Food (1 of 1)-8For our entrees we decided to go with the chicken and waffles and the O.D.B.  I’m not a chicken and waffle fan but this dish may have changed my mind; perfectly fried chicken wings sat on top of buttermilk pecan waffles and on the side were black pepper maple bourbon sorghum and a vial of hot sauce – mind blown!  The maple sorghum was divine and I would it put that on everything if I could.  Illegal Food (1 of 1)-6The O.D.B is the type of burger that you eat, enjoy and cry about later…it’s sinfully good.   In place of the traditional burger bun were two Krispy Kreme donuts…that’s right, it’s a donut burger.  Sandwiched between the glazed donuts were a beef patty, a few pieces of bacon, American cheese, maple mayo and a sunny side up egg whose yolk nestled perfectly in the middle of the donut.   I never knew I loved donuts in my burger until now.    Our clean plates were evidence of the carnage that took place, just a few scattered bones and burger juice was all that remained.   Illegal Food has turned me into a chicken and waffles lover and that’s enough to draw me back.

Illegal Food

1044 Greenwood Ave NE

Atlanta, GA 30306


*My meal was complimentary.