This post is sponsored by The Container Store.

I recently took on the task of organizing my pantry.  If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I’ve shared my frustrations in the past regarding how unorganized it was.  My pantry is a walk-in with a total of 10 shelves so it’s a pretty good size.  That’s more than enough space to store food and small appliances but for some reason I kept finding myself shoving things onto the shelf and even storing items on the floor.  Here’s the before:

I finally had enough and decided to tackle the chaos and whip this pantry into shape.  I’ve partnered with The Container Store and will be sharing how I organized my pantry and my favorite pantry organization products.   If you’re thinking tackling your kitchen or pantry, this would be the perfect time because The Container Store is having their annual kitchen sale!  The sale is on now until April 7th and you can find up to 25% off hundreds of kitchen products – The Container Store has a wide selection that can transform any kitchen. Without further ado, I will go ahead and share with you a video of my pantry redo as well as 6 of my favorite products.  I will link all the products used in my pantry at the bottom of the post.

Favorite Pantry Products

Gravity Can Organizer: I never knew this existed and yet still I feel like I can’t live without it!  My “can area” has never looked better.  I was able to hold 27 medium sized cans which is amazing!  As you remove a can, the other’s behind just roll to the front!

Cereal Containers: How many times have you gone to pour a bowl of cereal only to discover there are just crumbs left in the bag or that the cereal is stale because the bag wasn’t sealed properly?  These OXO Good Grip cereal dispensers are clear so you can see when you’re running low and it’s sealed so food stays fresher longer.  The top pops up for easy use.

3 Tiered Expandable Shelf: This shelf along with lazy susan has solved one of my biggest problems and that’s accessing my many sauces, vinegar and oils.  The shelf is expandable up to 27 inches and holds a ton!  I was worried that the shelves would be too narrow but that’s not the case, it’s wide enough to hold a large peanut butter jar and other bulky items.

Lazy Susan: No more trying to figure out which bottle is what or trying to reach in the back of the shelf without knocking the bottles in the front over.  I placed all of my most used sauces on the lazy susan for easy access.

Yamazaki Tosca Basket with Wooden Handles: I LOVE these baskets because they are both stylish and practical.  I used these to hold all of the items that are stored in bags like chips, bread, granola, etc – no more falling bags of chips!

Tea Box: I never knew that my teas could look so pretty on display.  I LOVE this 8 compartment acrylic tea box.  I removed all the tea that I had in various boxes and placed them in the compartments.  Because the box is clear, it’s easy to see where everything is.




Linus 2-Section Packet Holder

Good Grips Turntable White

4 qt. Square POP Canister

2.4 qt. Square Canister

2 qt. Montana Jar w/Acacia Lid

68 oz. Acrylic Canister

8-Compartment Acrylic Tea Box

2 gal. Glass Canister Glass Lid

1 gal. Glass Canister Glass Lid

Tosca Basket w/Wooden Handles White/Natural

Gravity Can Feeder

3-Tier Expanding Shelf Stainless

Affixx Adhesive Organizer Bin Clear

4.5 qt. POP Large Cereal Dispenser

Linus Deep Stacking Bin Clear