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We are 3 months into the New Year and I’ve been somewhat committed to my resolution of living a healthier lifestyle, working out and making better choices for myself and my family.   I’ve teamed up with BabbleBoxx and so excited to share some of their products from their March box.  I was so anticipation this box because in an effort to make healthy changes, I was open to adding new products to my daily diet.

This month has been dedicated by The Academy of Nutrition and Diabetics to sharing nutrition education and providing information that will help us all to make more conscious choices regarding what we eat.   Making small changes in what we eat helps us to feel better inside and out!


WONDER DRINK PREBIOTIC KOMBUCHA:  Kombucha, a non-alcoholic fermented tea, is currently all the rage and for good reason – it’s a prebiotic that’s great for gut health.  Wonder Drink Prebiotic Kombucha is vegan, gluten free and only has 12 grams of sugar per serving.   It comes in a variety of flavors such as Asian Pear and Ginger, Tropical Mango, Apple Mint and Ginger Peach.  Now you can get $4 off in the month of March on Amazon!

VEETEE THAI JASMINE RICE AND WHOLEGRAIN BROWN RICE AND QUINOA:  VeeTee is microwaveable rice that you can cook in just under 2 minutes.  In just a few minutes you can have jasmine rice perfectly cooked that’s perfect for curries and other Asian dishes.  The whole grain brown rice and quinoa is a great way to enjoy quinoa which is rich in protein.  They are vegan, gluten free, non gmo certified and contains artificial preservatives, colors or flavorings.

HAPPY HEALTY CO. AÇAí BOWL, OVERNIGHT OATS AND SMOOTHIES: This healthy acai bowl is rich in antioxidants and is a combination of oats, acai, honey, blueberries, apples and pomegranates.  The overnight oats comes in 3 delicious flavors such as pumpkin pie and banana and ginger.  These proportioned cups are great for weight control and can be enjoyed hot or cold.  The smoothies come in 5 delicious flavors that helps promote heart and brain health.  All of these products are carefully packaged and shipped for your enjoyment anywhere in the continental US.  Now you can receive $10 off your order in March!

NUTIVA MCT POWDERED VANILLA AND SQUEEZABLE COCONUT OIL: Organic MCT Powdered Vanilla can be stirred into coffee, smoothies or shakes and are great for those who are follow a ketogenic, vegan, paleo or plant based diet.  It’s energy boosting which is great for athletes as well.  The organic squeezable seam refined coconut oil is great for baking and cooking and can be used as an alternative to oils or butter.

LAIRD SUPERFOOD CREAMERS: These plant based creamers are great for adding a boost of energy in your morning coffee.  They all contain natural, whole food and functional ingredients.  There’s an original, cacao, turmeric and unsweetened version so there’s something for everyone.  New customers can save 20% off of their first order until June 1st, 2019.  Use the code BABBLE20 at