This is a quick and not so healthy snack that I grew up eating.  We would buy these crunchy treats from the roadside vendors,  it’s salty, crunchy and spicy and all around satisfying.  When I moved to Richmond Hill NY (better know as little Guyana), these were very easy to find;  in Atlanta…not so much.  So what does one do when one cannot get buy fried channa??  I make my own.

Fried Channa

1 lb dry chick peas

oil for frying

2 tbsp salt

2 tbsp chili powder

Soak chick peas over night.  Drain and pat dry.  Add enough oil so that chickpeas can be deep fried.  Heat oil to 375 degrees and add peas.  This amount can be fried  in 5 batches.  Fry for 15 mins until golden brown, drain and sprinkle with salt and chili powder while chickpeas are still hot.


Remember my wee little herb garden?  This was 2 months ago 

And this is now*Tear*