I had the opportunity to accompany Mr. Jehancancook on a trip to Cleveland, OH.  I’m always excited to go to a place I’ve never been to before even if it’s not a “hotspot”.

We took a 10 hour road trip from Atlanta to Cleveland and passed through the rolling hills and lush greenery of Kentucky and Tennessee and through Ohio’s farmland.    I can’t say much about Cleveland because I wasn’t able to do a lot of  sightseeing  in 2 days.

I did visit Shakers Square which is a quaint shopping area with boutiques, art galleries and restaurants.  All 10 minutes that it took me to walk the entire square was quite interesting.   On our first night  Mr. Jehancancook, myself and a few of his coworkers went to dinner at Momocho, a restaurant one of his coworkers found on Diner, Drive-ins and Dives.  The menu was intriguing, it ranged from guacamole 6 different ways to braised duck and yam enchiladas.  We tried the guacamole sampler which allows u to order any 3 types, we went with the goat cheese guacamole, smoke trout guacamole and  pineapple guacamole, they accompanied with heaping bowls of tortilla chips.  We ate it all.

For dinner I had the Adobo Lamb Chops that came with goat cheese avocado and a delicious spinach dotted with raisins and pepitos.

It happened to be Cinco de mayo so I had 2 cucumber margaritas and a pineapple margarita, which were divine.   My only disappointment was that  we don’t have a Momocho in Atlanta.   I should tell you to be prepared to wait if you’re going to visit, maybe because it was Cinco De Mayo but this place was packed and had a bit of a wait to get a table.

The rest of my trip my meals ranged from Corned beef sandwiches to Shrimp fried rice from PF Changs, not at all healthy but delicious.

On the last leg of our trip we decided to stop in North Carolina to visit some good friends that we haven’t seen in forever.  It involved dominoes, beers, soccer games, a sweet 16th birthday party and just an all around good time.