The original picture seen here

Image was cropped to remove my watermark and then theirs was added

To whom it may concern:

Recently it’s been brought to my attention that my photographs from my blog have been stolen yet again.   This time, not only did they crop my watermark but had the temerity to add their own as though they took the time and effort that went into the picture.   This Newspaper that is based in Trinidad went beyond theft and to the point of deceit.   Their intention was to portray to their readers that they care enough to either a. hire a photographer or b. purchase the pictures that they needed for their article when in fact, they prowled the internet with the intention of stealing the hard work of the common blogger.

My readers do not pay to read my content, yet I put in lots of time, effort and forethought into providing them with fresh, original content and beautiful pictures to accompany my posts.    I am driven to blog from week to week for personal enrichment and by the readers.   Yet a “newspaper”- and I use the term loosely because I now question your validity- who most likely has paid advertisements and subscription chose to steal.    Why?  Why not ask permission to use my picture?  Not only would it be the ethical thing to do but the right thing.

Originally I had intended on emailing you on the matter but decided to deal with it in a more public manner since you seem to believe that my photos are public property.    I speak on behalf of Bloggers who have encountered this problem time and time again, this has to stop.   We do not claim to be writers or photographers, but we do take pride in what we put forth to our readers, it is only right that credit is given to us for our hard work.   Just as you would not steal the photos of another publication, you should not steal ours, respect our craft!

In closing I would like I thank Alicia of The Inner Gourmet for bringing this to my attention.  Thankfully Bloggers are a part of a close-knit community of men and women that look out for each other.

Angry Blogger