Hi Guys,  I’ve taken on a few Sponsers so every now and then there will be a few sponsored posts, hope you don’t mind.   Today’s post is for my visitors from across the big pond with tips on how To Cook Roast Pork Loin Using A Range Cooker

Big ovens are pretty much the standard when it comes to cooking a variety of roasts and meats, and no British household should do without one. They are incredibly useful for many other purposes other than cooking roasts of course, but the first thing which instantly comes to mind when cooking in a range cooker is a lavish Sunday roast complete of Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes.

Range cookers are a simple solution for any Sunday roast dish but particularly for a Roast Pork loin which will be deliciously succulent and juicy for the pleasure of your loved ones, your guests and, of course, yourself. Cooking a pork loin in the  kitchen equipment shouldn’t be a difficult task and by taking the following the right steps, should result in a pleasant and rewarding experience.

By following a few simple tips you could be well on the way to enjoying the most memorable Sunday Roast you have had in your life!  Firstly ensure that the pork is at room temperature, then make sure to dry any excess moisture on the meat. Now make slight cuts across the meat so that some of the water and juices will gradually drain as they are being cooked, which will also form a base for preparing your gravy later on. Sprinkle the pork with salt and pepper and oil the outside skin well with olive oil so that the loin is kept soft and will be succulent when done. Make sure the oil goes down into the cuts you have made previously for extra flavor. Now place two onions at the side of the pot where you will place the meat; this will add considerably extra flavor. For best results first cook the meat for about an hour and a half (approximately gas mark 7/220 Degrees), then remove the meat which should be well cooked by this point. It will largely depend on how big the size of your roast. The suggested cooking times are approximately 25 minutes per extra pound of meat when cooking.  After it is done (check with a skewer) you can use the juices, onions and remaining spices to make some gravy which will complete a greatly fulfilling meal. Enjoy!

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