Being the mom of a 2 year old means sometimes needing an extra boost to keep up with the never ending energy of a toddler.   My mornings are pretty hectic; I’m usually making breakfast while still half asleep.   After all when I wake up in the morning is simply not up to me anymore.   While my son is munching on his breakfast, I brew a cup of coffee in my French press.    I will then sip on a hot cup at the kitchen counter; I’ve come to realize that I eat most of my meals standing at the counter.   When those 5 minutes of tranquility are over, I’m ready to take on any and every toddler antic that will be thrown my way throughout the day.  Mocha-1-15

I started drinking coffee after having my son, so I’m pretty new to the coffee game and cannot drink it dark and strong.  I always need a bit of chocolate in my coffee…make that a lot of chocolate, to make it go down smoothly.   Since I have no more than 5 minutes to get it all together I make a quick mocha using ready-made ingredients.   A few spoonfuls of rich hot chocolate powder, a dollop of sweet caramel topped off with whipped cream makes it all better.   I will mix it up a bit by using flavored creamers for a coffee house drink right in my kitchen.  Let’s face it, no one wants to spend more than a few minutes on coffee and that’s why this is the perfect at home brew.

The past week I swapped my regular brew to test three blends that I received from Puro Fairtrade Coffee.  I tested the Organic, Noble and Fuerte blend and was pleasantly surprised, I enjoyed all!  While I don’t typically drink dark roast, as it’s too strong for my palate, I found theirs to be quite smooth.  Let me tell you a little more about this company.  Puro Coffee, which is based in Belgium, is certified by the Fairtrade Organization, which means that they are ensuring that the small coffee farmers who they purchase their beans from are getting a fair price.   They are environmentally conscious and are actively working with the World Land Trust by giving money from every cup sold to help protect areas of the rainforest in South America.   This means that you can help save the rainforest from your kitchen.  Thanks Puro.


Caramel Mocha

2 tbsp premium hot cocoa powder

2 tsp caramel(I used store-bought)

¾ cup brewed coffee

Whipped cream + caramel to garnish

Place hot cocoa powder and caramel in a mug then pour hot coffee and stir to blend.  Garnish with a dollop of whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel.


I received free products from Puro Fairtrade Coffee but the opinions are my own.