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There has been a battle in my home for the past couple of months.   Between my husband wanting to eat more vegan meals and me trying to lose the baby weight (eye roll) and having a young son who wants nothing to do with vegetables, meal time has been quite challenging.   Creating meals to cater to all of our tastes has been quite a task and this Kale and Butter Bean Stew satisfied 2 out of 3 of our appetites.

 I know you’re probably saying why won’t I eat vegan if I’m trying to lose weight?  Truth be told, I love meat and fish and while I don’t mind not eating it daily I definitely will not be giving it up.  Don’t get me wrong, I love vegetables but I like a little meat to go along with it from time to time and that why I won’t go vegan. 

Initially this Kale and Butter Bean Stew was supposed to be vegan but at I decided to add a chicken bouillon to boost the flavor.  The combination of kale and butter beans is dynamite.  It’s packed full of goodness, low calorie and super versatile.  Simple omit the bouillon  to make it vegan or add sautéed meat if vegetarian isn’t your thing.  I served it with rice but it can also be eaten as a soup.