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I never celebrated Halloween growing up because I was living in Guyana during those years that I would have been of age to trick or treat.   When I moved to the US, I was already a preteen so that ship had sailed. Now that I’m mom to 2 boys, I think I’m a wee bit more excited about Halloween than they are because I get to live vicariously through them!  Not only do I love dressing them up in cute costumes and going door to door in our neighborhood, I’m also there for the candy. 

I have a sweet tooth and like any good parent, I raid my kids’ candy stash when they aren’t looking. However, there’s no need to steal your kids’ candy this year because Kroger has a wide selection of Halloween candy!  Kroger carries some of my favorites such as Butterfinger, Snickers and Kit Kat and has a Halloween section with all the treats you need!

Using up the Halloween candy is baked goods is a fun way to enjoy those treats.  Add chopped up candy bars and M&Ms to your favorite cookie dough. I folded Butterfinger pieces into a no bake cheesecake and it is simply divine!

I grabbed all of the ingredients from Kroger because they carry a wide selection of Halloween candy as well as great quality products and brands.  I also love that Kroger has in-store pickup and delivery which comes in handy when it gets busy around holiday time. I’ve been using in-store pickup for years and love it!

Now on to this silky and super easy no bake Butterfinger Cheesecake.  This did not last long at all in my house! It’s super easy to make, a great recipe to make with the little ones and is simply divine.  The filling is a combination of cream cheese, heavy cream and Butterfinger while the crust is made with 3 ingredients – crushed chocolate wafers, melted butter and sugar.  To give it a festive Halloween feeling, I decorated the top with crushed Butterfinger and a spider web made with melted chocolate!


This post is sponsored by Kroger.  All opinions are my own.