Seoul of the South tour (1 of 1)
If you follow me on Snapchat (Jehancancook) and Instagram then I’m sure you saw me on an epic Korean Food tour in Duluth, Georgia.  I was invited to experience all the tastes of Korea right in Gwinnett County.  We started the Seoul of the South tour at the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce where they took us by trolley to 3 different Korean restaurants and a bakery.   IMG_0347Our first stop was at Harue Food and Cake where we enjoyed a wide variety of street foods and snacks.  The owner generously gave us a spread of foods like Gim Bap which is similar to sushi but made with all cooked ingredients; I also got to taste Korean fried chicken which was simply amazing!  We had a variety of noodle dishes, deep fried meats and vegetables accompanied with a variety of sauces and toppings.Seoul of the South tour (1 of 1)-4

We move on to the second stop on our tour which was The Stone Grill.  I was super excited about this one as it had the open grill on the tabletop where you grill your own meats.Seoul of the South tour (1 of 1)-6 To start we enjoyed Jjim Man Du which is steamed dumplings; topped with a sweet and spicy sauce it was so light and quite a tasty morsel.

Seoul of the South tour (1 of 1)-7

Seoul of the South tour (1 of 1)-9We had generous offerings of shrimp, steak, a thick slab of pork belly and cheese dung galbi which is spicy baby back ribs dipped in melted cheese (as amazing as it sounds).Seoul of the South tour (1 of 1)-8
Once again we had a variety of toppings such as kimchi (Korean fermented cabbage), daikon radish and bean sprouts.  We full bellies we moved on the third stop on the tour which was Tree Story, a Korean bakery.  Seoul of the South tour (1 of 1)-11 Upon entering you were greeted with wide variety of cakes, breads and pastries, my eyes literally danced from one thing to the next.  We had a table full of cakes and desserts waiting for us to try. Seoul of the South tour (1 of 1)-13 Seoul of the South tour (1 of 1)-10What I loved about everything is that is wasn’t too sweet; these were the kind of desserts that you can eat without feeling guilty afterwards! I also got a chance to try Korean shaved ice which is unlike any shaved ice that I’ve ever had. Seoul of the South tour (1 of 1)-12Seoul of the South tour (1 of 1)-14 It was a generous serving of shaved ice topped with ice cream and various toppings like sweet bean sauce and a variety of fruits; the flavors where quite different and familiar at the same time.

After loading up on sweets we moved on to the final stop of the tour, Breakers Korean BBQ and Grill where we got to experience Korean BBQ at its best.  Seoul of the South tour (1 of 1)-16Seoul of the South tour (1 of 1)-20We dined on bulgogi which was marinated beef and chicken with an array of sauces, dips and pickles.   I truly enjoyed this dining experience and a peek into Korean cuisine and it can all be found in Gwinnett County!  Seoul of the South tour (1 of 1)-19Seoul of the South tour (1 of 1)-18If you’re like me, who mostly dine ITP, it’s time to venture outside of the perimeter to experience these restaurants.  Thank you to Explore Gwinnett for such an amazing experience!Seoul of the South tour (1 of 1)-21

Harue Food & Café

3585 Peach Tree Ind Blvd, #122

Duluth, Ga 30096


The Stone Grill

2550 Pleasant Hill Rd, #111

Duluth, GA 30097


Tree Story

2550 Pleasant Hill Rd, #415

Duluth, GA 30097


Breakers Korean Grill and BBQ

3505 Gwinnett Pl Dr. NW #101

Duluth, GA 30096

*My meals were complimentary but my opinions are mine alone.