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Cajun Turkey Wings are packed full of flavor and a great savory meal.  Scroll down for recipe and video on how to make these easy but delicious Cajun Turkey Wings.

I must confess that I’m not a lover of turkey but love these Cajun Turkey Wings that I’m about to share with you.  To be fair, I probably haven’t given turkey a fair shot.  Most of us only eat turkey at thanksgiving or in as a cold cut sandwich but turkey can be great in other ways as well; it just needs a bit of love.  I’ve share many stew recipes over the years but never one with turkey.   I did share a brown turkey neck stew on Instagram which I will be sharing hopefully soon!

I vividly remember my first thanksgiving in America; I was a budding foodie and could not wait to sink my teeth into the giant glistening bird that sat in front of me.  It smelled great and looked even more amazing so how could it not taste good?  Looking back I realized that I was a bit overzealous and literally bit off more than I could chew.  I had chosen the drumstick and boy was I disappointed when I sunk my teeth into that leg only to be disappointed by both flavor and texture.  That bird was an imposter; it presented itself as more than what it was.  What it was not was juicy or tasty but dry and a hard mouthful to swallow.  Since then in an effort to conquer the Thanksgiving turkey I’ve brined, spatchocked and even deboned an entire turkey.  I wouldn’t recommend the latter unless you’re tremendously ambitious.

While these all tasted good, it just wasn’t enough for me to fall in love.  It wasn’t until I began that stew turkey that I saw it as a contender in my weekly meals.  Cajun Turkey Wings is slowly simmered in broth flavored with a ton of spices and vegetables which makes it tender and gives it flavor inside and out.  Served over rice is the best way to enjoy these Cajun turkey wings.