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This post is sponsored by Mueller’s Pasta.  All opinions are my own.  

Shrimp Rasta Pasta

Shrimp Rasta Pasta is a dish that was created here in the States.  It’s essentially a creamy, Alfredo sauce that’s given a Caribbean flair by adding jerk seasoning.   The sauce is then tossed with pasta and can be served vegetarian or with meat – jerk shrimp and chicken are the most popular.  Mueller’s Penne was perfect for this recipe. This meal can be made vegan by using coconut milk in place of cream and not using cheese or meat.  Here’s a Coconut Pasta recipe that can easily be adapted to create a vegan version. 

Shrimp Rasta Pasta

As indicated in the name, Shrimp Rasta Pasta, pasta is a key component for this dish.  Short pasta such as penne is commonly used but you can also use linguini.  I selected Mueller’s because you can truly taste the difference; they believe that what’s inside matters. They use real and simple ingredients including high quality wheat and filtered water and I’m a firm believer that real ingredients make a better meal.   Mueller’s Pasta is also Non-GMO and minimally processed.    

Shrimp Rasta Pasta

I used wild caught large shrimp that’s been peeled and deveined for this recipe.  The shrimp was seasoned with jerk seasoning and then sautéed.   For even more flavor you can grill or air fry the shrimp.  Chicken breast is a great alternative and can be easily subbed for shrimp.   I’m sharing a video for this recipe as well so be sure to check that out! Be sure subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you haven’t already.